Omnivore’s Digest is a blog devoted to cultural and media artifacts of interest. Our loose imagining of ‘culture’ and fluid conception of ‘media’ mean that there are few limits as to what we post. Lovingly curated by a hodgepodge of cultural omnivores and presented in easily digestible fashion, we hope the expansive spectrum of interests that our brew of contributors have will be thoroughly reflected in the posts. Our team is drawn from around the world, and have their fingers lodged firmly in pies as diverse as film, literature, painting, architecture, scholarship, music, photography, television and digital media.


There are too few places where the free flow of recommendations can continue unabated by the need to neatly package them into contrived lists. The films, music and literature we post about are our recommended viewing, listening and reading for others like us–people perpetually in search of more media to overflow their shelves with.

That and the other media posted are not simply posted for you to scroll through the blog and passively consume. We will provide with most posts information that will allow you to research things further. If something particularly interests you, we hope that you will mine all of the resources you can find to discover more about it, its history, the social and and cultural contexts from which it emerged and the intellectual tradition to which it belonged. We hope that in turn this will lead you onto even more things that intrigue you, and that this spiral will continue unrelentingly for hours and hours, so that after a few hours you have forgotten that you even begun your travels on this blog.


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